Meilleurs vélos pour débutants

 Best bikes for beginners 

Are you a beginner looking for the best ride? Start your cycling adventure with a bang by selecting the best ride in our list of beginner bikes. We’re here to introduce you to the most affordable yet high-quality bikes made for newbies. If you’re up to discover what it means to be a cyclist, then pick your best bet on the ones that we have below! 

Newbie’s guide to the best ride

Beginner bikes are meant to be more affordable to entice those who want to start cycling. For this reason, there are a lot of available options for you to choose from. However, price isn’t the only factor that you have to consider when choosing a bike. Performance should be at the top of your priority as well as the quality. Let’s show you a list of what you should look for in your bike:

Qualities you should look for

  • Stability 

You should find a bike that has good stability to provide support since you’re a beginner and your body is still adjusting and balancing. By finding a bike with the perfect stability, it will be easier for you to manoeuvre your ride even in slow paces. 

  • Relaxed positioning

When purchasing your first bike, you should try it out for a test ride and see if you feel comfortable and relaxed while cycling. The more compatible you are with your bike, the more you would want to ride it. For beginners, it is advisable to keep your bikes at a 90 or 70-degree angle top lessen the strain in your back. 

  • Wider tires 

Thinner wheels require greater balance, which a beginner doesn’t have yet. Whatever type of bike you get, you should always choose the one with a wider tire than usual. These kinds of tires offer more grip and traction making it easier for you to ride across most conditions. 

  • Proper fit

Research the geometry of the bike, or take it out for a test drive to see if it’s the best size for you. Getting the sizes wrong will make the ride uncomfortable, so you need to make sure that you are careful when selecting the size of your bike. 

Best beginner bikes of the year

  1. Co-op Rev 20 

Co-op Rev 20 has a plus-sized tire along with a reliable Shimano shifting. For a bike that is $399, it gives beginners more than they paid for. The wide tire is perfect for those who love riding on trails. 

  1. Priority Coast 

If you’re in for a leisurely ride along the coast, this bike is perfect for you. Even the salty breeze is no match to priority Coast’s rustproof components. Moreover, the double kickstand keeps the bike from tipping when parked. Exactly the perfect ride to take with you on a relaxing cycling trip to the beachside. 

  1. Kona Rove

Kona Rove might be heavier than the usual road bike, but this durable ride feels like riding on air when you’re cycling with it. The gears are so finely tuned that you can manoeuvre them without much effort.

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